Rockport shoes beyond style

Rockport shoes came into being at the start of Rockport company. Previously they were just a pair of moccasins until they were branded as Rockport shoes by Bruce Katz, an heir to shoe company pioneers in America. The company came up from Hubbard Shoe Company founded by Samuel Katz before Saul Katz took over. The company operated in Newton, Massachusetts; there were challenges with low income given the fewer imports. The company was on the edge of collapsing until they worked with Highland imports to come up with unique products which were imported from Brazil. There was a pair of moccasins which were designed by Walter Dyer in Rockport. Saul Katz, therefore, named the leather Rockport.

Why Rockport shoes is famous worldwide?

While selling the unnamed shoes through Boston, Bruce Katz decided to go back to Marlboro and name the shoe Rockport. They had Sold the shoes with no exact name before he noticed that people kept referring to the moccasins as Rockport shoes. This name leads to the start of Rockport shoes company in the early 1970s Saul Katz and son. The company was started with almost Fifteen thousand dollars.

The company was designed to be the best option when it comes to choosing athletic shoes. They were designed with technology to give comfort and lightness that every athlete would require while running. They, however, had similarities with other styles but the two features make them unique. According to a comment made by a scholar, they were the first real technology shoes to be made. 

Rockport shoes is excellence when it comes to footwear

There are also Rockport shoes which were designed for walking. The shoe company acknowledged that walking is a way of exercise and designed the shoes for walking. The shoes were designed after research on how walking happens. The shoes were worn during a walk of a thousand miles across the country which the company sponsored. They were now linked to walking across America. There were shoes specific to fitness walkers usually considered as pro-walker shoes. Their heels were extended to support ones’ stability during walking, durable and more so comfortable.

Rockport shoes were fast selling until the year 1986 when the Reebok shoe company took over. The founder Bruce Katz has since reemerged to the shoe business as from 2014. He promised to produce comfortable and quality shoes just as Rockport shoes are comfortable and durable and you can find it online at Mode Footwear.

Buying your Rockport shoes

Over time many types of shoes have been designed as Rockport shoes. There are shoes for women and men either casual or official. They come in different styles, therefore, more stylish than other sneakers. Unlike other shoes, the company have revolutionized footwear Industry it’s hard to come by such shoes which value the customer’s style and comfort available for every activity ranging from sports to office work.