How Merrell Shoes Came To Fruition

The Merrell footwear empire took the world by storm when Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, and John Schweizer joined entrepreneurial and athletic forces 37 years ago. Since 1981, these three tycoons have been leaving their mark on the footwear industry one footprint at a time. Though some are more highly regarded than others, Merrell shoes have far-reaching appeal. From hiking boots and running shoes to sandals and slip-ons, the Merrell company excludes none.!OpenDocument

Which Merrell Shoes Are Considered The Best?

Fortunately, modern-day society is anything but coy about expressing their personal views. Digital word of mouth can be found in the form of review forums wherein consumers flock to divulge their sentiments. A thorough scouring of these platforms helps discern elite products from subpar merchandise. With that said, here’s a brief overview of Merrell shoes for men that customers have deemed a worthwhile investment.

The most popular Merrell shoes

All Out Crush
Hallmarked for their comfort, durability, quality, and protection, these trail running shoes are second to none. Equipped with highly reflective and flexible traits, All Out Crush provides both visibility and agility. Runners also appreciate their breathability and unmatched comfort. Perhaps the shoe’s most exclusive feature is the UniFly technology which provides a snug fit and adequate cushioning. 

Agility Peak Flex
Beloved for its ultramodern yet classic design, this Merrell shoes for men boasts aesthetics and comfort. Esteemed for its “glove-like fit,” the Agility Peak Flex makes for cozy and snug feet companions. While the fit is undoubtedly secure, there’s ample space for some wiggle room. Among the shoe’s most admirable trait is its ability to withstand harsh weather and treacherous trails. From mud and water to rocky landscapes and dry terrain, the Agility Peak Flex is impervious to outside factors.

Picking the perfect pair of Merrell shoes

Trail Crusher
Aptly named for the action they perform, the Trail Crusher overpowers the roughest of terrains with its robust essence. This support is attributed to the shoe’s solid air cushion feature. What’s more, the shoe includes primarily mesh material which allows for breathability and permeability. As an added lure, these Merrell shoes come with a favorable price tag. You can find Merrell shoes for men online at

Bare Access Ultra
A balanced blend of uncompromised stability and unrivaled comfort, the Bare Access Ultra has been described as “perfect.” Armed with an energy-returning technology and mesh lining, runners can expect nothing less than a quality shoe with unbeatable durability. Included with synthetic fabric and hygienic midsoles, the Bare Access Ultra is the embodiment of a high-quality running shoe. 

Vapor Glove 2
The Vapor Glove 2 is a force to be reckoned with. Unlike the previously mentioned Merrell shoes, the Vapor Glove 2 includes an odor-wicking technology that helps avoid unpleasant stenches. This impeccable footwear comes engineered with sturdy elements and durable soles, allowing it to withstand fickle weather and sharp objects.